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Kimberly Walker 

My name is Kimberly Walker and I am an ACSM Exercise Physiologist with 25 years experience. As a wife and mother of three, I understand the challenges of carving out time to care for yourself amidst life's demands. My mission is to empower you, BEGINNERS AND BEYOND, to HONOR YOUR BODY through mindful movement that brings you joy, to modify movement to fit your needs and to be mindful in nourishing and listening to your body.

I help you improve your habits, set and achieve goals, reduce fatigue, enhance your quality of life and well-being, boost strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, prevent falls, and manage or prevent chronic diseases.

I guide you to find the middle ground and avoid health and wellness extremes. This is achieved through dispelling misinformation and debunking myths, and offering evidence-based information that empowers you to make informed choices benefiting your life.


• University of Utah Bachelors of Science in Exercise & Sport Science

• University of Utah Bachelors of Science in Interpersonal Communication 

• University of Utah Spanish Minor


• Owner/CEO of WALK2HOME LLC. established 10/21

• Creator of HONOR YOUR BODY started in 2024

• Taught Fitness instructor training for 10 years at the University of Utah, College of Health.
• Over 25 years teaching group fitness and personal training
• Over 15 years experience working in exercise oncology prescribing exercise before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.
• Over 25 years fitness director/gym management


• ACSM Exercise Physiologist (2004-Current)
• ACSM/ACS Cancer Exercise Trainer (2007-Current)
• AFAA Personal Trainer (2001-Current)
• AFAA Group Fitness Instructor (1998-Current)
• BioLayne Nutrition Coach (2024-Current)
• High Fitness

• High-Low Fitness

• High Yo

• Zumba Level 2

• Upbeat Barre





• Core Conditioning, Stretching, HIIT, Circuit, Resistance Training, Pilates Barre & Mat, Step, High Fitness, High-Low Fitness, High Yo, Zumba Level 2, Upbeat Barre and Kickboxing

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